The Cirrus CRM displays easy to navigate performance dashboards specifically tailored for users at every level of the dealership.  No more post-its and paper desk calendars.   Cirrus’s innovative, easy to use, results-drien CRM will make customer interactions more efficient, more impactful, and ultimately more profitable. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was built for quick navigation of daily follow-ups, easy appointment tracking and scheduling, and the ability to see how each salesperson is measuring up against his or her peers. Our STA displays everything that’s going on in the dealership – from salespeople to customers – including up-to-date profit numbers and a fully automated desklog showing exactly where customers stand in the sales cycle.

Some of the key features of our Payroll & Personal Management solution include:

  • Split commissions for as many as 6 salespeople. 

  • Pay commission or track sales for additional parts and labor within a sale. 

  • Increased payroll accuracy by directly importing technician time, sales commissions, electronic time clock and schedules.